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Grain Weevil

An ag robot that does the work that no farmer should!

Our mission is to safely and efficiently aid in the management of the
storage and extraction of our grain supply.

The Grain Weevil is a grain extraction and bin management robot. It scurries across the top of the grain engaging the grain directly with its drive system and a variety of adaptable tools. With its mobility inside the grain bin and its flexibility in accomplishing tasks, the Grain Weevil brings grain storage and extraction into the 21st century. The Grain Weevil is lightweight, portable, and powerful. By working smarter not harder, The Grain Weevil is the right tool to keep people out of the grain bin.

We are currently in the pre-production prototype and testing phase of this project. Please subscribe to keep up with our progress!  If you would like to give us feedback directly as a part of our customer interview process please email us at: